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"I have worked with Dr Hinder on several projects. She brings rigorous research training as well as experience of front-line NHS and social care and understanding of research and governance issues in the public sector. She produces work of high quality, on time and at a competitive daily rate. The work has resulted in internationally-ranked publications."

Professor Trisha Greenhalgh
Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

RaFT Research

RaFT Research and Consulting works primarily, in the academic, health and social care sectors providing qualitative research services and advice on Patient and Public Involvement.

Research and Evaluation

Rigorous qualitative research methods are used to explore the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions of any issue. Through focus groups, face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews or ethnography (interviews and observation) we tap into the knowledge, experience, insights and attitudes of the people most involved in any situation. The results of qualitative research point the way forward to finding real solutions to any challenge. The same methods can be used to evaluate the impact of any programme or policy

By working closely with clients and the people who will be affected by the findings, we create an effective research design focused on asking the right research questions. This sharp focus means that the findings will be relevant, practical and ‘good value for money’. RaFT Research also believes in the ethical and democratic principle that those affected by research should have a say in the design of the research.

Our research reports are written in plain English to make the project findings clear. They include extensive quotations from people interviewed so that clients can see for themselves what people have said, complementing the interpretation of findings by researchers. We also think it makes for a more interesting read!

Patient and Public Involvement

The inclusion of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research design is a requirement for projects funded by the NHS. RaFT Research has extensive experience of promoting patient and public involvement and works closely with the Research Design Service (North-West) to provide advice on the integration of patient and public involvement in research. As part of our service, we train service users in research methods so that they can take a full and active part in the development of research proposals, and become lay members of NHS committees.

Sessional work

Are you short of staff to complete a project? RaFT Research can join your team to make sure your project stays on track. Feel free to contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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